Sony Launched Next Level Playstation VR2

Sony has been working on a long-awaited gadget-the next-generation PlayStation VR2 virtual reality system for the PS5. The headset was announced at this year’s CES 22. And although we don’t know yet what the VR2 should look like, Guerrilla Mountain and Firesprit’s Horizon Call already has a version for the PS VR2:

Sony’s new device promises to take your gaming to another level by offering an increased sense of presence by immersing you in the world of gaming.

Let’s explore some of the features that the PlayStation VR2 would have below.

  • Features for PlayStation VR2
  • Here’s what we know so far

Visual Reliability

The new PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) offers 4K HDR for high-fidelity visuals and a 110-degree view. In combination with an OLED display, the PS VR2 offers a resolution of 2000×2040 per eye and frame rates of 90/120Hz.

Eye Tracking

This feature provides an almost realistic interaction experience. The headset detects the player’s eye movements and improves the emotional response when interacting with other players online. Not only does the feature provide additional realism in games, but it also serves a functional purpose. For example, a look in a specific direction will have the opportunity to create an additional entrance for the characters of the game.

Helmet return


PS VR2 can track the player and controller via built-in cameras, built into the headset. Sony calls this feature an upside-down tracking. It provides in-game reflection without the need to use an external camera.

The headset generates subtle but responsive vibrations during a game, giving the player the feeling of being completely immersed, thanks to a single integrated monitor. This Playstation VR2 feature allows you to control the pulse of the characters, the speed of passage of objects, etc. detect.

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The feature allows you to surround yourself with realistic immersive sounds, while the game audio adapts to the positioning and movements of your head. In-game sounds can alert players to an imminent threat, create a sense of character presence when they whisper in your ear, or locate other players by the sound of their gunshots.

PS VR2 Sense Controller

The headset comes with a pair of new VR Sense controllers, very similar to competitors from Oculus and Valve. Each controller has an adaptive trigger to adjust the sensitivity according to the actions of the game. Feedback gives users a better idea of the game layout and sound effects.

The controllers are followed by the PlayStation VR2 headset as opposed to the camera. This will ensure better control and reduced latency.

Sony PlayStation VR2 release date

The manufacturer has not yet indicated the official date. Some believe that the helmets are currently in production and will be available on store shelves and online in the middle of summer. But some analysts in the gaming market are less optimistic about this deadline and expect to see the PS VR2 much after in the year.

Playstation VR2 price

Again, no official confirmation regarding the price. But fans are already preparing for the system to cost more than the original PlayStation VR system. Shortages of parts are also likely to contribute to an increase in prices. Some say that the new headset will cost about.


The new PlayStation VR2 headset is most certainly Sony’s complete development, designed to withstand the strong competition from Microsoft Xbox. The company is clearly taking the time to significantly improve the VR experience. This makes the PS VR2 an indispensable addition to the PS5. And if you’re still on the fence about getting a PlayStation, we tell you to go for it! Although no release date has been set, it may be the best time to sell your used game console for money to upgrade to your new VR2 headset.

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