Expected New Macbook Air Laptop Coming Soon

Will there be a new MacBook Air laptop this year? And if so, what is the release date? Rumors about the new Mac Air suggest a new design, thinner display frames, an M2 chip and new color options. Here’s what we know if and when the new Macbook Air laptop will be released so far.

Release date

So, when will the new MacBook Air be released? Although there is no exact launch date, we expect the MacBook Air to hit the market after this year. Bloomberg suggested that the new MacBook Air will arrive in the fall of 2022. Usually, Apple releases its new computers around October, so it makes sense to assume that a new MacBook Air will be announced on schedule.

No More Wig

The future Apple MacBook Air laptop will probably have a redesigned design. In addition, several sources suggest that the conical compensated appearance could be removed. If this is true, it could be the main and most important design update of the new MacBook Air. As a result, the sky should look more like the recent Apple MacBook Pro 14 laptop.

However, as for the ports, USB-C will remain the only output. And while we didn’t expect Apple to add a mini HDMI port to the upcoming macbook Air lineup simply because of its ultra-narrow construction, many users would have greatly appreciated the micro-SD port reader.

Off-white borders and keyboard

Some say that the new MacBook Air will have an off-white bezel and a matching keyboard. We also came across speculation about adding more colors to their Air lineup, just like they did with their 24-inch iMac models. If this is true, Apple’s next MacBook Air will be somewhat similar to the old MacBook Pro unibody model.

The new MacBook Air could come in more color options

Apple fans are speculating about the addition of the following colors to the new Mac Air line: silver, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple and pink. But we won’t be surprised if Apple adds other fun new colors into the mix.

Mini LED Display

The MacBook Pro 16, MacBook Pro 14 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro were the first Apple products to use Mini-led display technology. And we hope to see it on the recent MacBook Air when it comes out. But we are not sure about the design of the notch and whether the new MacBook Air will look like the MacBook Pro 14 laptop.

As for the screen size, nothing new here: Apple is sticking to the traditional 13-inch display panel. However, it may be a slightly larger 13.6-inch version this time instead of the standard 13.3-inch version.

Will the new MacBook Air be released with the M2 chip?

Rumors suggest that the Apple M2 chip will debut this year. Nevertheless, it will not be as powerful as the M1 Pro or M1 Max chips used in the 2021 MacBook Pro models. The M2 processor is still expected with eight cores and offers fast performance. It can also have improved graphics with nine or 10 GPU cores, compared to seven or eight in the current Mac M1 models.

But what about the name?

A recent rumor claimed that the recent Apple laptop may not be marked as MacBook Air. Instead, they could start by mentioning a MacBook. This would explain the off-white edges and the somewhat nostalgic chassis design. Of course, we don’t know if this is true, but Apple has already done the same thing in the past with its after 12-inch MacBook.

Last Thoughts

So if you want to upgrade to the new MacBook Air, why not sell your used MacBook for money instead? In this way, your outdated laptop can help you offset the cost of the new toy. In the meantime, we hope that the new MacBook Air will live up to the hype when it is released.

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